Principals of Tools and Troubleshooting, Inc.

Phil Fischer

I received a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Oklahoma State University in 1983 and completed post graduate work at the University of Texas in Arlington. I am a registered professional engineer in the state of Oklahoma. My 34 years of work experience includes 24 years as a toolmaker, designer and NC programmer for various types of molds used in the plastics industry. As an owner of a tool and die company, I have also had the opportunity to repair/maintain every aspect of CNC equipment, and I have completed two 3-axis mill control retrofits. I am also an accomplished computer programmer in Fortran, Basic, Visual Basic, and I am familiar with C and Pascal. I have ten years of experience in the aerospace industry (General Dynamics and Lockheed) as a propulsion engineer, analyzing fluid flow, propulsion system performance, and conducting wind tunnel tests, altitude chamber tests, and flight tests for various advanced airplane engines, nozzles, and inlets. As a propulsion engineer, I also developed dozens of programs used for engineering analysis on IBM, CYBER, and VAX mainframes. My wife LouAnn and I have three children: Sarah, Sean and Ryan.


OSU Alumni Association
Hobart Youth Association
Boy Scouts of America
Hobart Main Street - Design Committee
"All That Jazz" big band (trombone)
Kihido (Karate)
City of Hobart Zoning Board


BSME Oklahoma State University
PE, State of Oklahoma
BSA Silver Beaver
BSA District Award of Merit
Black Belt - Kihido

Jerry Fischer:

I was born in Hobart, Oklahoma, reared on a farm, and worked with machinery as soon as I could hold a wrench. My father and my uncle were of German decent and were always inventing improvements on their machinery or inventing new machinery for their own use. Before I could see over the dashboard without kneeling in the seat, I was driving in the fields and for short distances on farm roads. I had to have a foot-long extension on the tractor clutch to plow and cultivate crops. I suffered severe hay-fever allergies--bad news for a farm boy. My dad suggested engineering as an alternate profession to get away from the allergies.

I graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1957 with a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering, and did postgraduate work in mechanical engineering at Iowa State University. I am the author of “Handbook of Molded Part Shrinkage and Warpage,” Published by William Andrew Inc., “Inside DesignCAD,” published by the New Riders Publishing Company, and “ABC DesignCAD,” published by American Small Business Computers. My professional experience includes design of farm and aerospace machinery, hydraulic systems, electrical control systems, automation for manufacturing, and molds for plastic. My tool and die experience began in 1965. Since 1975, I have been the majority owner of Tools and Troubleshooting, Inc. where I have earned a reputation of producing quality molds and mold designs and have provided consultation services both for tooling and for molding problems. I am a registered professional engineer in Texas and a member of the Board of Directors of the Mold Making and Mold Design Division of the Society of Plastic Engineers.

My wife Rose and I are parents of three fine sons, each of which obtained the rank of Eagle in the Boy Scouts of America, and are all engineering school graduates. David and his wife Sheryl live in Granbury Texas. Sheryl is a nurse-anesthesis. David works for Lockheed in Fort Worth. David has two sons from a previous marriage. Phil is president of Tools and Troubleshooting. Phil and his wife LouAnn live on an acreage here in Hobart and have a daughter and two sons. LouAnn is a registered nurse. Steve decided to return to school and become a pediatrician, he is currently practicing in San Antonio, Texas. Patricia is a registered nurse and author. He and his wife Patricia have two daughters.

Current Projects

Counciler for the Oklahoma City Section of the Society of Plastics Engineers.
Honored Service Member, Moldmaking Mold Design Division SPE
Sponsorship Chairman, Moldmaking Mold Design Division SPE
Chairman Hobart Zoning Board of Adjustment
Ballroom Dance Instructor, Southwest Ballroom Dancers


BSME Oklahoma A&M
Wrote: Inside DesignCAD
Wrote: ABC DesignCAD
Wrote: How to Predict and Control Shrinkage and Warpage While Injection Molding Plastics
Private Pilot, Commercial and Instrument Rated
Associate Degree, Airport Management, WOSC

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