Hobart Oklahoma Splashpad Project.

an effort of Hobart's Lions and Kiwanis Clubs

Email: hobartsplashpad@gmail.com

 The Hobart Community Splashpad project was started as a Lions club centennial project, but was joined by the Kiwanis club as a co-sponsor. The current plan is to locate the splash pad east of the city swimming pool. The splash pad will be about 30 x 70 feet and will include about 11 water features. The water used by the splash pad will be stored in a below-ground tank, and will be pumped from the buried tank through a filter and chlorinator. If you have never seen a splash pad before, it is a playground with water features; but there will be no pools of water (the water will all drain), hence no drowning risk. The splash pad estimated cost is about $155,000, of which Lions, Kiwanis, and Allard Eye Care have pledged $44,000.

  Donations for this project can be made by pressing one of the donation buttons below, or by taking/mailing money to Hobart City Hall (111 E 3rd St, Hobart, OK 73651), made out to "City of Hobart" with a note that it is a splashpad donation.

  Meeting minutes from Jun 2, 2017

  Fundraising ideas so far

  Planned events:

  6:30pm June 22 at WTC - open meeting for splashpad supporters to plan fundraising activities

  June 24 in downtown LoneWolf - bake sale and can drive



We are requesting all residents of Hobart (past and present) to consider a tax deductible donation to help get the splash pad built. We would like to begin construction September 2018. Large donations will be recognized by signage at the splash pad. We will be mailing letters to HHS alumni in hopes that classes or decades can contribute to the splash pad, but you don't have to wait, you can help now by clicking on the subscribe or donate buttons below:


Donation Options:

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